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Dudhwa Tiger Reserve reopens for season with reduced tariff

The renowned Dudhwa Tiger Reserve (DTR) on Wednesday reopened its doors to tourists with a substantial reduction of about 33 per cent in tariff rates for Dudhwa safari, encompassing entry fees, accommodation, and even elephant rides in the rhino area.

Children below six years will enjoy free entry, aiming to attract a diverse range of visitors to Dudhwa National Park (DNP), Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, and Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary, all integral parts of DTR.

Lalit Verma, the field director of DTR, said, “Tariff rates for tourists visiting Dudhwa Tiger Reserve have been significantly lowered to entice a greater number of visitors this season, starting from November 15.”

He highlighted the enhanced experience awaiting tourists this season, with renovated jungle routes, Tharu huts, cottages, and rest houses.

Nature guides, primarily locals, will accompany visitors, offering detailed insights into Dudhwa’s wildlife and ecology.

Verma further detailed the upcoming season’s novel experiences, including the operation of the Dudhwa base camp canteen by the local ecotourism society.

This initiative aims to provide tourists with a unique culinary experience featuring Tharu recipes.

For those planning a visit, Verma advised securing bookings in advance through the UP Ecotourism Official Website.

This platform offers online accommodation booking for Uttar Pradesh Ecotourism spots, providing detailed information on nine circuits and 35 ecotourism destinations.

However, the limited availability of only two guesthouses at Dudhwa and Bankati for night stays may disappoint some tourists.

Guesthouses in Kishanpur, Salukapur, south Sonaripur, Sathiyana, Madaha, Belrayan, Kila, and Bela Parsua remain closed for bookings since last year due to their location in the core zone of DNP, following a Supreme Court verdict restricting tourist activities in this area.

The Dudhwa Tiger Reserve, encompassing Dudhwa National Park, Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, and Kishanpur Wildlife Sanctuary, is located on the India-Nepal border.

This year, Dudhwa gained attention for a remarkable 64 per cent growth in the number of royal Bengal tigers, reaching a total of 135 within DTR.

Apart from its iconic royal Bengal tigers, Dudhwa hosts the world’s most successful rhino relocation program.

The region boasts 46 rhinos, with 40 in the south Sonarpur area and six in the recently developed Belrayan range.

Visitors to Dudhwa can also witness the presence of 400 avian species, including the critically endangered Bengal florican, a variety of deer species, aquatic life, and rare butterflies.

The vast grasslands, rich forest cover, and flourishing wetlands contribute to Dudhwa’s beauty and ecological balance.

The Centre established the Terai elephant reserve in Dudhwa last year, including parts of the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve.



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