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Emilia Clarke ‘nearly’ ran over Samuel L Jackson on ‘Secret Invasion’ sets

British actress Emilia Clarke said that she nearly ran over Samuel L. Jackson with a car on the sets of MCU’s newest series ‘Secret Invasion’.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, during a recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment, where she was joined by co-star Ben Mendelsohn, the actress revealed that one day on set, she “nearly ran him (Samuel L. Jackson) over with a car.”

“They put me in a Lada, which is like a very old Russian car,” Clarke explained. “And I got in and I was like, ‘Hey, what’s with the six (shift knobs) up in here? Which one am I using? Why does it have 10 pedals?’ It’s (like) a tractora I know how to drive. I know how to drive stick. (But there wasn’t) enough time. They’re saying, ‘We’ve gotta go. We’re shooting. Come on honey. Just go. We’re gonna go’,” Clarke said she proceeded to give herself a pep talk, saying: “OK, I can do this. It’s just one stop.”

She continued: “(I) get in there. We get up to it. The camera is right there. Sam is right there. And I pressed the wrong thing, I pressed the accelerator rather than the brake.”

Clarke thankfully was able to quickly find the brake pedal, avoiding a collision with Jackson. Then, she noted that he was “very gentlemanly and lovely and nice” about the whole situation.

But for Clarke, she had a bit of a different reaction. “Then I cried a little bit and someone else drove it for me,” she added.

Clarke said she enjoyed her time on the series, and told The Hollywood Reporter that her and Ben Mendehlson’s plotline as Skrulls “has made for some really interesting stuff.”

“(‘Secret Invasion’) is a grounded show,” Clarke told THR. “It’s very relatable, in that whilst we are Skrulls, the viewer is looking at our human forms more than anything else.”



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