Friday, July 19, 2024

Gandhinagar civic body to renovate city’s 430-km drainage network

The Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation has assumed responsibility for the comprehensive renovation of the city’s drainage network, an official said on Sunday.

This decision aims to address the pressing need for organised management of the drainage system in the capital city of Gujarat.

With an extensive network spanning from Sector 1 to Sector 30, covering approximately 430 km, the sewage pipeline system plays a vital role in Gandhinagar’s infrastructure.

As part of the Smart City project, the Department of Urban Development has diligently progressed in the renovation of underground drainage gutters which will now be transferred to the hands of the Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation.

This transition will empower the local authorities to oversee the operation, maintenance, and management of the entire pipeline network within Gandhinagar.

Previously, the state government’s Marg Makan and Patanagar Yojana Department were responsible for the maintenance and functioning of the drainage system.

However, taking into account the present and future requirements of Gandhinagar’s drainage water extraction, the Department of Urban Development has embarked on a progressive journey to renovate the underground drainage gutters as part of the Smart City project.

The project is being carried out in two phases.

In the initial phase, Sectors 15 to 30 are witnessing a complete overhaul.

Simultaneously, Sectors 1 to 14 are undergoing a transformation, with the replacement of the main lines connected to the ring road and the corresponding drainage network.

An official said “the Gandhinagar Municipal Corporation’s approach to revamp the extensive drainage network marks a significant step towards enhancing the city’s overall infrastructure and improving the lives of its residents”.



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