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Grab jobs in tourism, hospitality else outsiders will take it: Goa CM

Goa Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has said that if youth in the coastal state lack the skills in tourism and hospitality sectors, then  people from other states will come here and take away those jobs from them.

Speaking at a programme in Ponda-South Goa on Thursday, Sawant added that there is a vast scope in the tourism and hospitality sector in Goa.

“You will not find such scope anywhere else in the country. In Goa there is wide scope in these areas,” he said.

“The way star hotels are established in Goa and increasing footfall of tourists, in future Goa will become tourism capital of India,” he added.

“We are targeting high-end tourists. To cater to their needs we need infrastructure and human resources. Private players are ready to prepare infrastructure in the state. Many people are approaching. But we don’t have that much human resource. If our youth are not skilled in these sectors then outsiders will come and grab the opportunity,” Sawant said.

Earlier in October last year, the Chief Minister had said that if youth from the state fail to grab job opportunities in hospitality and tourism sector, then job seekers from other states will grab them.

“There are many opportunities in the coastal belt. In the next five years more than two lakh jobs will be created in the hospitality and tourism sector. If we don’t grab these opportunities then youth from other states will grab them,” Sawant added, urging youth to skill themselves.

“Be it from Assam or other states, youth from these states come here and do white collar jobs (in the private sector). If we try to take it then we may also get it. Youth need to grab opportunities in these areas,” the Chief Minister said.

Sawant had said that if the youth from Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar can work here in the hospitality sector, then why not the people of Goa. He had said that all the people can’t get a government job.



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