Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Ileana on pregnancy weight: ‘Love how my body changed these past few months’

Bollywood actress Ileana D’Cruz, who is all set to welcome her first bundle of joy, spoke about her weight gain during pregnancy.

The actress treated her fans and followers on Instagram to a question and answer session when a user had a weight-related question.

The fan asked Ileana whether gaining weight is bothering her.

To which, she replied that initially, this question would trigger her but now it does not matter to her now.

She shared that she doesn’t feel great sometimes but her support system, the people who love her, keep reminding her that she is literally making a human inside her.

“I think it’s because so many people comment on your weight when you’re having a baby. It doesn’t help when you go to your doctor checkups and they have to weigh you every time. So, it’s constantly on your mind.”

She added: “Let me just say, I just love how my body changed these past few months. It’s such a miraculous, wonderful, and humbling journey. And yes, I am a human, and there are a few days when I don’t feel great. But I have an amazing support system and people that love me and remind me that I am making a little human inside me. So weight does not matter and stay happy, and healthy, listen to your body, and do what feels right to do.”

Another user asked her about hearing her baby’s heartbeat for the first time. Ileana described it as “one the most beautiful moments I have ever experienced.”

She added: “I can’t even describe how overwhelmed I was. There were tears and happiness and so much relief and joy. A massive surge of love for a tiny seed that was going to be a full grown baby soon.”



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