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Indian made international tipple brands to try

New Delhi, Nov 18 (IANSlife) Have you ever wondered who and what is behind the brand names? Take a look at 5 interesting IMFL brands that not only offer exquisite flavors but also have a story to tell, connecting consumers to historical figures, places, or traditions. They bring a blend of history and contemporary craftsmanship to the world of spirits.

Morpheus Brandy by Radico Khaitan

Morpheus Brandy, a renowned brand of Indian-made foreign liquor, is produced by Radico Khaitan. The name Morpheus is derived from Greek mythology, where Morpheus was the god of dreams and sleep. This choice of name reflects the brand’s aspiration to offer a luxurious and dream-like experience to its consumers. Morpheus Brandy is known for its smooth and rich flavor, making it a popular choice among brandy enthusiasts in India.

Royal Stag Whisky by Pernod Ricard

Royal Stag is one of the flagship whisky brands produced by Pernod Ricard in India. The name “Royal Stag” signifies elegance and grace, attributes commonly associated with the royal and regal lifestyle. The “Stag” in the brand’s name symbolizes strength and majesty. A stag is considered royal when he has 12 points (six per antler) to his antler. The brand is celebrated for its premium quality and is a favourite among whisky connoisseurs.

Downing Street Whisky by NeuWorld Spirits

Downing Street Whisky is a brand with a political twist. It is named after the iconic Downing Street in London, which is famous for 10 Downing Street, the official residence and office of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. The choice of this name may symbolize a connection to power, tradition, and prestige. This whisky is favored for its unique character and exceptional flavor, much like the historical significance of its namesake.

Barents Whisky by Rock & Storm Distilleries

Barents Whisky draws its name from the legendary Dutch explorer Willem Barentsz. Willem Barentsz is renowned for his expeditions in the Arctic and his efforts to find a Northeast Passage to Asia. By naming their whisky after this historical figure, Rock & Storm Distilleries pay homage to his adventurous spirit and determination. Barents Whisky is known for its bold and adventurous flavours that echo the explorer’s spirit.

Segredo Aldeia Rum by Fullarton Distillers

Segredo Aldeia Rum, produced by Fullarton Distillers, has an intriguing name. “Segredo” means “secret” in Portuguese, and “Aldeia” means “village.” This name suggests a sense of mystery and tradition, evoking images of hidden recipes passed down through generations in a small village. The rum is celebrated for its distinct taste, which is often considered a hidden treasure among rum enthusiasts.

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