Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Kerala: Ex-SFI leader accused of using fake certificate for job on the run

Former SFI leader K.Vidya, who is accused of producing a fake experience certificate for a guest lecturer’s job in a government college, is on the run.

Even though the Kerala Police have registered a strong case of forgery, soon after the case surfaced, Vidya has gone incommunicado and the probe police team which reached her house at Trikaripur on Saturday morning found it locked.

Meanwhile, the KSU — the student’s wing of the Congress party — told the media in Kozhikode that she had violated all the University rules while doing her M.Phil.

“Everything that she has done seems to be wrong. Without the support of the CPI(M) higher ups, how can a person succeed in violating all rules when it comes to her M.Phil, PhD and finally getting a teaching job using a fake experience certificate. An ordinary probe will not help and only a judicial probe will bring out the truth,” top KSU officials said.

Leader of Opposition V.D.Satheesan said things in Kerala have reached a stage where SFI activists can commit anything from forgery to impersonation and can get away with it.

“Hands of the police probe team are tied and hence no action will be taken against any SFI leader. But we will sit quiet,” said Satheesan.

Meanwhile, State Industries Minister P.Rajeev like few other cabinet colleagues of his, on Saturday denied Vidya being a SFI leader.

“SFI is a big organisation and there are numerous activists and just because one person does wrong, the organisation should not be taken to task,” said Rajeev.

Even though quite a few state ministers and top CPI(M) leaders have said Vidya was not an SFI leader, numerous pictures of her with the high and mighty Left leaders are tumbling out serving as fodder for the Opposition to attack the party.



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