Mammootty’s ‘Kaathal-The Core’ trailer is somber & hauntingly grounded

Megastar Mammootty is taking no time to stop as he’s dishing out one film after another. A somber, and haunting film, the actor’s feature ‘Kaathal – The Core’ is a very mellow and grounded legal-family drama.

What the story is about is not entirely clear, though Mammotty’s character, Mathew is a very serious kind of person who doesn’t talk much to anybody, even with his own wife (played by Jyotika) after being married to her for more than 20 years.

There is some hassle going on and Mathew’s entire family has drifted apart, as his wife Onam is focusing on her matters. There is a very bleak atmosphere throughout the whole trailer with very minimal dialogue, indicating a far more rooted and minimalist approach to the whole thing.

Fighting a case pertaining to charges related to ‘cruelty’, there is also some kind of political angle to the whole thing but at this time it is unclear. Then comes the part of the family drama, where things are even darker. It is raining most of the time and when it isn’t, it’s as if the sun itself does not shine its brightest at all.

Mammotty’s son in the film himselfis also facing a lot of problems, and there is just an ominously morose sense that is present throughout the trailer. Everybody is alone, and it is just hauntingly lonely.

The score of Mathews Pulickan may perhaps be the best part about the whole trailer as it really drives in, or rather punches in the atmosphere.

Directed by Jeo Baby, the film is written by Paulson Skaria and Adarsh Sukumuran.

‘Kaathal – The Core’ will hit the theatres on November 23.



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