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‘MasterChef Australia’ contestant wins judges’ hearts with pani puri

MasterChef Australia 2023’ contestant and Indian – Origin chef Adi Nevgi in a surprise mystery box challenge decided to make Indian street favourite pani puri with a Mexican twist.

Commenting on her excitement to make the classic Pani Puri, the 31-year-old  said: “I’m making Pani Puri which is an Indian street snack. The normal dish is this little pillow of inflated dough which is hollow in the middle. Then you fill it up with potato and lots of spices. Today I’m going to fill it with surprising flavours — salmon roe and avocado.”

“Surprising them (judges) with what’s inside of it so that when they bite into it, they’re like, ‘Oh! Didn’t expect that.”

For Adi Nevgi, nothing beats the taste of crispy, spicy Pani Puri as she said:  “I love Pani Puri. I think it is one of the best Indian street foods.”

The dish was an instant hit among the judges and Nevgi wowed the judges with her impressive fusion dish. However,  she did not stop the adventure cook in her from taking a pause, instead, she took to Instagram and said, “Following the success of Mexican pani puri, I would like to try: Taiwanese Pani Puri (bubble tea-inspired), Dessert Pani Puri (dunked in chocolate milk), and Dance Floor Pani Puri (a shot of vodka). The original one is perfect but let’s galaxy-brain this and see how far we can go.”

Previously, she earned praise for her spicy and aromatic Maharashtrian squid curry and butter chicken.

Having travelled to over 55 countries, Nevgi from Melbourne is inspired by flavours around the globe. However, she also holds a special place in her heart for her ancestral Indian cuisine. Being a doctor by profession, her exploration of general medicine and endocrinology has enhanced her passion for food, deepening her understanding and creativity for its scientific aspects.

MasterChef Australia airs on Disney+ Hotstar in India.



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