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MP BJP chief dismisses talk about dissent, emphasises organisational strength

Faced with high anti-incumbency after nearly two decades of it’s rule in Madhya Pradesh along with “friction” within, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has sounded the poll bugle for another battle against it’s main political rival, the Congress.

The BJP, which is a cadre-based party, backed by right-wing organisations from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) to the Bajrang Dal, is working hard to retain power. The state leadership has devised a multi-pronged action plan to connect with the voters for the assembly elections scheduled just five months away.

Khajuraho MP and Madhya Pradesh BJP president V.D. Sharma in an exclusive discussion with IANS claimed that under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the confidence of the BJP’s cadre is very high and they are determined to win the assembly elections.

Sharma said he has made drastic changes in the party structure in the last couple of years, and the younger generation was given a push to shoulder responsibilities especially at the ‘booth’ and ‘mandalam’ level.

“Our new generation is a skilful and task-fulfilling cadre. More than 64,000 booth-level workers were enrolled during three rounds of booth vistarak campaign across 230 assembly seats.”

Sharma said he has adopted the Gujarat model of ‘Panna Pramukhs’, and has gone further to expand this model with ‘Ardh Pramukhs’.

He added, “Originally, the concept of Panna Pramukh was first experimented with in Madhya Pradesh in 2013 and the results were very positive. A similar concept with some modifications was executed during the last assembly polls in Gujarat also. We are still working on it and as of now, 90 per cent constituencies are covered.”

Sharma, who took over as MP BJP president after the party lost the assembly elections in 2018, does not hesitate to claim that around 50 per cent digital workers were enrolled from Madhya Pradesh alone.

He said PM Modi will address 80 lakh BJP digital workers across the country, out of which 40,000 were enrolled in Madhya Pradesh. “Perhaps, this is the reason PM Modi has decided to address a digital rally in Madhya Pradesh,” he added.

According to Sharma, the concepts of “booth sashaktikaran” and “booth vijay sankalp” have strengthened the party. He informed that a total 64,100 “booth sashaktikaran kendras” and 10,059 “shakti kendras” have been established across Madhya Pradesh. At least 10-12 persons will be working in one booth shaktikendra.

The state leadership has also decided to provide identity cards to the workers, called ‘sampada samman’. “As a pilot project, I have taken the initiative to provide ‘sampda samman’ cards to booth level party workers. The idea is to boost their morale and encourage them to fulfil their tasks. Booth, panna and ardh-pramukh workers are going to play a crucial role in the elections. They will reach the people with details of the development work and beneficiary schemes of the Centre and the state government,” Sharma added.

When asked about several BJP leaders, including former ministers and MLAs who have raised their voices and some of whom have even moved to the Congress, Sharma replied, “BJP is a cadre based party and no one can put pressure for their own benefit here. And those who have shifted to the Congress, have already lost ground. In fact, their exit has paved the way for new leaders, who are working day and night for the party.”



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