Friday, July 12, 2024

On-screen ‘Hanuman’ Vikram Mastal joins Congress in MP

Vikram Mastal Sharma, who played the role of Lord Hanuman in Anand Sagar’s television show ‘Ramayan’, joined the Congress in the presence of former Chief Minister and Congress State President Kamal Nath and MP Nakul Nath at the Hanuman Temple in Simariya of Madhya Pradesh’s Chhindwara district.

Sharma, after joining the party, said: “Today, I am very happy to see the development of Chhindwara and even more happy to see the 101 feet statue of my beloved Lord Hanuman.”

The actor further said that the meaning of ‘Hanuman’ is to serve, protect and work for the welfare of all, and those who are devotees of Lord Hanuman, automatically develop a sense of service, “just look at Kamal Nath, a devotee of Hanuman ji”.

Sharma claimed that the BJP-led Madhya Pradesh government is a government of banners, posters, hoardings, advertising and event management. It has been talking about development for 18 years, but to see what the real development is, people need to visit Chhindwara.

“Kamal Nath has not only talked about development but has also done it in Chhindwara. The whole state needs the same progress,” he added.



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