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Oppn attacks CM Siddaramaiah after son’s video goes viral

The Congress government and Chief Minister are under attack by the opposition in Karnataka after a video showing CM Siddaramaiah’s son Dr Yathindra talking to his father on the phone and asking him to “work on the list sent by him”.

The video was recorded as Yathindra was attending a programme and was amid the people. The video went viral on social media triggering a huge controversy.

Former CM H.D. Kumaraswamy said that “the cash-for-posting scam was being carried out in the state without shame, continuously without any fear and the video grab was the clinching evidence”.

“The extortion business of the Congress government has come out in the open. The real face of the champion of social justice has come out in the open in the streets,” Kumaraswamy said while attacking CM Siddaramaiah.

“The CM’s office has been converted into a centre of extortion by the collection king, father and Karnataka’s collection prince, his son. The video proves it. The CM and son are carrying out transfer mafia without any shame and hesitation in the public programme and the coterie of percentage have sold the respect of the state.

“If corruption is practised at a public place, what would be the proportion of corruption which is taking place within four walls?”

Referring to Yathindra, Kumaraswamy stated, “This person, who dares the CM over phone and tells him that only works of persons in his list should be done is the son of CM or super CM of Karnataka? Or is he the Minister for cash for posting? Or is he Minister of extortion?” Kumaraswamy questioned.

“What CM Siddaramaiah has to say who earlier maintained that he won’t answer my questions? Now explain Mr. Siddaramaiah, for how much per cent you and your son have sold the posts? What is your cut? What is the share of your team at the office?” he questioned.

“You (CM Siddaramaiah) are claiming that whatever I say is a lie. The truth has revealed itself before the people. They will decide whether the content in the video is a fake or genuine and will be decided by the people of the state. I will face the consequences if it is fake. You, being a great leader of the Ahinda movement, should give answer to the video of your extortion ..,” Kumaraswamy said.

Kumaraswamy further demanded that, “… You place yourself in high esteem? You must resign from the post of Chief Minister immediately and vacate the office of the CM.”

Reacting to the development, Home Minister Dr G. Parameshwara stated that he doesn’t know anything about the development and asked the media persons to pose this question to former CM H.D. Kumaraswamy who had raised the issue.

“During elections Congress has given assurances to people and efforts are made to fulfill them. I have not seen Yathindra Siddaramaiah’s video and I don’t have any knowledge about it,” he maintained.



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