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Sakshi Chopra alleges sexual harassment on game show

Sakshi Chopra, the great-granddaughter of Bollywood director Ramanand Sagar, who made the ‘Ramayana’ TV series in the 1980s, has alleged sexual harassment during her participation in a game show.

Known for sporting bold and skimpy outfits on social media, the actress took to Instagram, and captioned “SEXUAL HARASSMENT at @netflix_in @solproductions.

She alleged that after signing the contract, a contestant openly spoke of her breasts and butt, saying it was fine for people to record and play all the ill things they said, in the hopes that the ratings will go up after assuring her that it was all only a game.

She added that Netflix gave her a horribly suffocating experience as they locked her in. “I cannot even explain how suffocating that was. It showed what these low class producers were capable of doing just for the sake of dirty entertainment. After this, when I asked for a call with mama to tell her, they refused to let me talk with her. Tasks like have strangers scratch your back & make orgasming sounds on the street, or you don’t get food.”

Sakshi went on to add that the company gave her zero privacy as they constantly monitored her and did not let her make contact with her mother. They further did not let her speak of her sexual harassment, stopping all contact.

She said “My mama had no idea what was going on in the show as they were monitoring every call & message & when I tried to tell her about these tasks & sexual harassment they SNATCHED the phone from my hand, after that they didn’t let me call anymore. All I could tell her was please get me out of this show anyhow.”

She alleged that Solproductions and Netflix knew everything and scripted chats and blurred messages with sexual harassment details to portray whatever they wanted. She said “this was a real lesson for me – I accept my fault for signing up with such dirty producers – @farzila_sol, Sanvari & Kamna – how as women do you’ll sexually harass another woman, locking her in & won’t let her reach out to family after lying on your contract?”

She added “@showrunnerchad who has 2 daughters knew what they were doing & didn’t care for their ratings”.Giving an anger fuelled goodbye, she said ,”Adios m*********. Enjoy the drama, it’s the last time I will participate in a nonsense show like this”.



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