Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Seoul to launch water bus service on Han River next year

The Seoul city government on Friday unveiled a blueprint for a water bus service along the Han River, inviting aspiring operators to present a bid by July 14.

The city government said it aims to launch the commercial water bus service on a route between the Gimpo Grand Bridge, just west of the capital, and the Jamsil Grand Bridge in Seoul in the second half of next year after selecting a preferred bidder by July 21, reports Yonhap News Agency.

The operator will be asked to secure at least six water buses within one year of the business agreement and more than 10 water buses within two years, the city government said, adding each bus must be capable of carrying at least 150 passengers and 20 bicycles and travelling at a speed of 20 knots or more.

The Seoul government has embarked on the water bus project after Mayor Oh Se-hoon rode London’s River Bus boat on the River Thames during his visit to Britain in March.

London’s River Bus is a commuter boat service linking major riverside points, provided as part of its passenger transport, tourist and commuter services along the river.

The Seoul government said it plans to develop the water bus service into a combination of a city landmark, a tourist product and a means of water transportation supplementing land public transportation.

The government said it will find solutions to possible constraints on the service, such as lack of accessibility to docks and economic feasibility.



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