Monday, June 17, 2024

Shahana Goswami says she chooses roles that let her represent real women

Actress Shahana Goswami, best known for her roles in films such as ‘Rock On!’, ‘Midnight’s Children’ and ‘Tu Hai Mera Sunday’, said that she has actively chosen roles which “challenge conventional narratives” to represent real women.

She said: “I have actively chosen roles that challenge conventional narratives, opting for characters that break away from cliches. I want to represent real women who one can relate to.”

In an industry where social connections and networking play a pivotal role, Goswami decided to let her acting do the talking instead.

The actress has not cared much for the traditional concept of networking, instead preferring to rely more on her acting prowess, emphasising that craft trumps everything else in the artistic industry.

Elaborating on the topic, Goswami said: “The measure of success lies in the quality of one’s work rather than the number of connections they have. Throughout my career, I have prioritised my work over party appearances and meetings. Every job is a by-product of some work. When you land on a set, your director wants to know if you can develop a deep understanding of characters, deliver nuanced performances, and leave a lasting impact on audiences.”

The actress was most recently seen in the film ‘Zwigato’ and the web series ‘Hush-Hush’, she will also be seen in the upcoming murder-mystery film ‘Neeyat’.



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