Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Siemens to acquire 18% stake in Indian arm for purchase price of 2.1 billion euro

Siemens intends to acquire 18 per cent in Siemens Ltd. India for a purchase price of 2.1 billion euro.

Siemens and Siemens Energy will jointly propose to the Board of Directors of Siemens Ltd. India to separate the energy business by way of a demerger. Simplification of corporate setup in one of the fastest growing and strategically important markets.

Siemens has agreed with Siemens Energy indirect financial measures totaling one billion euro to allow third parties to arrange guarantees for Siemens Energy.

Siemens AG has taken measures to support the stability of Siemens Energy AG and accelerate separation in India – in the best possible interests of all parties.

Specifically, Siemens intends to enter into a share purchase agreement with Siemens Energy to acquire an 18 per cent stake in Siemens Ltd. India from Siemens Energy for a purchase price of 2.1 billion euro in cash. This would increase Siemens’ stake in the publicly listed Siemens Ltd. India from 51 per cent to 69 per cent, while Siemens Energy’s stake would decrease from 24 per cent to 6 per cent.

With the intended acquisition, Siemens and Siemens Energy accelerate unbundling the business activities of the Indian subsidiary of Siemens. The purchase price reflects a customary discount of 15 per cent on the 5-trading-days volume-weighted average price before the day of signing. Siemens will provide no new guarantees to Siemens Energy.

“Together, we shaped a solution that is in the best possible interests of all parties and accelerates the separation of Siemens and Siemens Energy in India. Besides the immediate cash inflow, we are also enabling an additional line for customer guarantees, making a strong overall contribution to the future stability and growth of Siemens Energy,” said Roland Busch, President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens AG.

“For our shareholders, the accelerated demerger of Siemens Ltd. India’s energy activities will further sharpen the portfolio focus of Siemens. It also simplifies and strengthens our corporate structure in India, a fast-growing and strategically important market.”

As part of the spin-off in 2020, Siemens and Siemens Energy did not separate their businesses in India as it was not feasible at that time. As a next step, Siemens and Siemens Energy have agreed to propose to the Board of Directors of Siemens Ltd. India a demerger of the energy business. Siemens Energy is to ultimately acquire a controlling stake in the demerged energy business. The aim is to complete the demerger in 2025 – significantly earlier than previously planned.



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