Saturday, May 18, 2024

Tim Hortons now has a credit card

Can’t do without a Tim Hortons coffee? The new Tims Credit Card offers quicker ways to earn more free coffee, beverages and food, according to the company.

The mastercard from Tims Financial in partnership with Neo Financial has no annual fee and earns Tims Rewards Points everywhere you shop, with up to 5 points per dollar on most gas, groceries and transit purchases, and up to 15 points per dollar when used on eligible purchases at a Tim Hortons restaurant and scanned for Tims Rewards.

“With almost five million Canadians actively using our Tim Hortons app every month, it became obvious that we could offer our most loyal guests a way to earn Tims Rewards Points even faster with everyday spending and higher points on most gas, grocery and transit purchases5,” said Markus Sturm, Senior Vice President of Digital, Loyalty and Consumer Goods at Tim Hortons.

The Tims Credit Card can be applied for, approved and managed entirely through the Tim Hortons app on your phone.

There will also be a version of the Tims Credit Card offered to Canadian residents who have limited or no credit history – like students and newcomers – that will earn Tims Rewards Points and can help build their credit4.

“We have designed the most attractive credit card for Canadians that love Tim Hortons and want the opportunity to earn even more free coffee, beverages and food. We believe this is an exciting new financial option for millions of Canadians, including newcomers and students who are looking to build their credit history,” added Sturm.

It will be available in the coming months and those who are interested are asked to sign up on the Tims Financial website.


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