Sunday, June 16, 2024

Ukraine plans to produce 100-km-range air defence systems

Ukraine has set out plans to produce air defence systems capable of intercepting aerial threats at a distance of 100 km, according to Deputy Defence Minister Ivan Havryliuk.

Havryliuk said that next year, Ukraine will focus on producing air defence systems of the Koral type with a range of more than 100 km, along with portable anti-aircraft missile systems, reports Xinhua news agency.

In 2024, Ukraine will allocate a total of $4.8 billion for the purchase of missiles and ammunition amid the raging war with Russia, Havryliuk said.

Developed by the Luch Design Bureau, the Koral is an anti-aircraft missile capable of destroying airplanes, helicopters, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The prototype of the Koral missile was first unveiled to the public in 2021.

Currently, Ukraine relies mostly on foreign air defense systems to protect its skies from missiles and drones.



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