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Vijay Varma challenges ‘asli mard’ stereotype

Actor Vijay Varma has challenged the stereotypical notion of being an “Asli Mard” or a “real man” in a society plagued by toxic patriarchy as he highlighted the need for breaking free from the rulebook of masculinity and embracing a more inclusive and empathetic definition of manhood.

In a teaser for his next ‘Kalkoot’, Vijay is seen holding a book for being an ‘asli mard’.

The first rule he shared is that an ‘asli mard’ does not apply cream face wash , body moisturiser and if one does an ‘asli mard’ questions their manhood.

He reveals the second rule, where he says a real man does not cry, instead he makes another breakdown in tears.

Thirdly he points out that women can cover themselves up if they want as he adds “Humara toh khoon hi garam hai. Kisi ke kaaboo main nahi hum jazbaaton mein behte hai jo apni marzi chalaye sab par mard usi ko toh kehte hai” in the teaser.

He later says all life we walk on these rules to become a real man but get distanced from others. Wonder what we get. In order to become a real man, we lose our humanity. It is time to change and lets change the rule book.

As he takes on the character of Ravi Tripathi in the highly anticipated crime drama ‘Kaalkoot’, Vijay continues to showcase a similar ideology on-screen.

Through the riveting storyline of ‘Kaalkoot’, the show also seeks to provoke thought on how societal norms and systemic oppression contribute to heinous crimes. It serves as a powerful reminder that true strength lies in dismantling toxic masculinity and challenging deep-rooted patriarchal beliefs.

Witness Vijay’s transformative performance and delve into the thought-provoking narrative of ‘Kaalkoot’ streaming on JioCinema from July 27.



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