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Vishal Mishra’s new song ‘Aakhir’ embodies essence of heartache

Composer-singer-songwriter Vishal Mishra, who is known for ‘Soniye Je’, the recreated version of ‘Zihaal-e-Miskin’ and, ‘Janiye’ has released his latest soul-stirring track ‘Aakhir’.

Packed with heavy emotion, the new composition explores the themes of love, loss and sacrifice in a relationship, and embodies the feeling of heartache.

Given the track’s emotional weight and emotional power, Vishal, who composed and sung the track, imbued it with a sense of pathos and called it one of his most personal tracks as it was based on his own experiences.

An elegantly crafted track, ‘Aakhir’ from the very start has a sense of moroseness which echoes heartbreak. Featuring some top notch production, the song has a strong classical element to it which is accompanied by a purely acoustic flavour.

The whole song showcases how a one-sided-love can bring heart-wrenching pain, but it has to be seen through to its bitter end nonetheless and to make the life of the one you love better, you let them go.

Talking about ‘Aakhir’, Vishal said: “Crafting ‘Aakhir’ was a personal journey through the depths of love’s complexities. The song is an emotional expression, and I’ve poured my heart into composing and singing it. My hope is that ‘Aakhir’ becomes a comforting melody for those who’ve experienced heartbreak, for those who feel loneliness after being loved and lost.”

The accompanying music video is also extremely well shot, pretty much embodies the whole essence of the song.

The videostars actor Shantanu Maheshwari and actress Diksha Singh.

Showcasing a very rooted setting, there is no element of glamour to the video and unlike most filmy tracks, this video has no happy ending.

The video has a very compelling narrative that mirrors the song’s touching lyrics and great but morose melody, something which both the actors are fully able to bring out with just their eye expressions alone.

Shantanu, talking about the song said: “‘Aakhir’ is such a beautiful and timeless song. I resonated with the composition as soon as I heard it for the first time. The lyrics are so evocative and beautiful and I believe viewers will truly enjoy the emotional journey depicted in the video. Vishal Mishra’s music and his voice add a layer of authenticity that makes this track truly special.”

Penned by Kaushal Kishore, the lyricism is highly poignant and encapsulates the loneliness of the heart when a relationship goes wrong. The result is a melody that resonates deeply with listeners, promising to linger in their hearts for long.



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