Ways to celebrate an inclusive animal-friendly Diwali

New Delhi, Nov 12 (IANSlife) This Diwali, when we all light up our lives and residences, let us keep in mind that the harsh lighting may not be conducive to our pets and animals who we share our spaces with. Animals are particularly sensitive to harsh sounds since they have greater hearing than humans and are easily frightened by high decibel sounds during our celebrations. During the time of festivities, it is common to witness animals trembling in fear, causing sadness, loss of appetite, and hearing impairment. Animals can get terrified by pollution, light, noise, and may even get wounded by firecrackers.

Here are seven animal-friendly ways to celebrate Diwali, according to Dr. Princy John, Head of Strategy & Operations, The Animal Care Organisation (TACO):

Ensuring Comfort:As we celebrate, let us remember that the loud sounds of firecrackers not only disturb our pets but also expose animals to danger. Opting for a quieter celebration fosters a compassionate environment. While we close our doors and windows to reduce noise, consider opening your garages to provide animals, especially strays, safe spaces. This gesture will not only keep them calm and stress-free but will also promote inclusivity during the festivities.

Ear Protection & Paw Care:Following a walk outside, diligently clean your pet’s paws to shield them from firework-related hazards. Also wipe their fur, mouth, and eyes to remove pollutants. Additionally, investing in pet-friendly earmuffs, using cotton earplugs, playing soothing music, and staying close to your pets can safeguard them and their sensitive ears from the cacophony of fireworks and safeguard them from running away. It is also advisable to keep talking with your pets and constantly comfort them and not lose your calm if they get anxious or aggressive.

Safety with Lights:During Diwali, a festival of lights, we adorn our homes with oil lamps and decorative lighting. To safeguard pets, it is imperative to keep oil lamps and diyas out of their reach. Ensuring decorative lights and diyas are kept where pets cannot access them prevents the risk of electric shocks and burns.

Walk Timings for Our Pets:Celebrating the festivities should include a considerate adjustment to our pets’ routine. Changing their walk timings to early morning and late night can shield them from sudden noise or fire-related disturbances, ensuring their well-being during the celebrations.

Community Celebrations with Care:By establishing a defined time limit for community gatherings and celebrations, instead of celebrating in each household, we can not only minimize the distress experienced by our furry and feathered friends but also mitigate pollution. Being mindful of not bursting crackers where stray animals are present is essential to ensure their safety and well-being. Embracing these practices promotes a more environmentally conscious and empathetic approach to our celebrations.

Caring for the Birds:Raising awareness about the perils of firecrackers and airborne lanterns for animals and birds is of utmost importance. Our feathered companions endure significant distress, as sometimes their nests catch fire due to stray lanterns entangled in trees. Furthermore, placing water bowls on balconies during the celebrations enables birds to hydrate themselves amidst depleting air quality during Diwali.

Small Efforts, Huge Impact:During Diwali celebrations, it is prudent to be cautious and check under parked cars, as stray dogs may seek refuge there due to the clamour of fireworks. In cases of unbearable stress and anxiety in pets, consult a veterinarian for advice or medication. Refrain from offering pets human sweets, as sugar and artificial sweeteners can lead to severe health issues. Instead, provide a nutritious meal to pets, including strays, to keep them energized and distract them from the noise. Consider volunteering at animal shelters to aid in the care of anxious animals.

In conclusion, embracing celebrations and making them pleasant for all, can genuinely transform the way we experience festivals. By abstaining from bursting crackers and celebrating a green Diwali, we promote a more peaceful cohabitation with nature, safeguard the well-being of animals, and maintain a healthier environment for ourselves and future generations. Let us work together to cultivate a more compassionate and empathetic society by commemorating our festivities in a manner that is considerate of our animal friends.

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