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When Udit Narayan first met music composer duo Anand and Milind

Veteran singer Udit Narayan recounted his experience working with renowned music composers Anand and Milind.

In the special episode titled ‘Music Marathon’, the show will host the industry’s celebrated personalities – legendary playback singer Udit Narayan, the talented lyricist Sameer, and the renowned composer duo Anand-Milind Srivastava.

In a candid conversation, host Kapil Sharma, asked Anand about the person behind the concept of the song ‘Dil me badi hulchul hai’.

Revealing the reason for creating the song, music composer Anand shared: “I receive thousands of emails, requesting us to make songs in the 90s style. People really miss those kinds of songs, so I requested Niraj Mishra ji to compose a song of that nature.”

“He gave me complete freedom to do what I thought was best. Of course, the melody was very strong, the lyrics were typical of the 90s, and the feel and groove of the song could be treated in any way possible. And that’s how this song came into life.”

Furthermore, Udit Narayan spoke about his first encounter with composer duo Anand and Milind, saying: “Anand and Milind ji, these two brothers, are filled with immense talent. The first time I met them was through their father. One day, Anzan Sahab happened to meet me and said, ‘The music director Chitragupt Sahab lives near your place.'”

“So, I excitedly replied: ‘He is a veteran music director, and we have been fans of him since childhood, but how can I meet him?’ He promised to introduce me and took me to Chitragupt Sahab’s place. Over there, Chitragupt Sahab asked me to sing a song for him, and he said, ‘Well, I don’t have a Hindi film with me, but I can give you 2-4 lines in Bhojpuri to sing.'”

He added: “I then sang a Bhojpuri song, and he mentioned, ‘These are my two sons, Anand and Milind. They are currently in college, but when they get a film, I will definitely ask them to collaborate with you.”

The episode will also feature Indian Idol fame – Salman Ali, Ashish Kulkarni, Sayli Kamble, and Rishi Singh.

‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ airs on Sony Entertainment Television.



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