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Armaan Malik, OAFF release ‘Stripped Down Version’ of ‘Tabaahi’

Playback singer Armaan Malik has released the ‘Stripped Down Version’ of his new famous single ‘Tabaahi’ in collaboration with OAFF.

The new stripped down/acoustic version, which hit the airwaves on Friday, provides a raw take on the original track.

Describing the new version, Armaan said: “Music is a journey of exploration and we embarked on making the stripped-down version of ‘Tabaahi’ to unveil the raw emotions behind the song. This version breathes new life into the song with the soft notes of the piano accompanied by the cello, adding to the overall grandeur of the track.”

As stated in the song’s YouTube description, ‘Tabaahi’ is a song that talks about the ‘Sukoon’ (peace) one feels when alone in nature with the person one loves. When they aren’t in their company, everything feels like it’s falling apart, resulting in absolute ‘Tabaahi’ (destruction).

Based on the subject of loneliness and the innate feeling of isolation that one feels when walking in the shades of nature without their loved one, the track is a soulful melodic composition, featuring some highly passionate and brilliant vocal delivery by Armaan, which is accompanied by some great instrumentation.

Overall simple in terms of composition, the track’s simplicity and passion is its strength as it really sells the feeling of despair in the most serene fashion. The production is very clear and large with the whole sound design amplifying the track.

Produced by OAFF with lyrics penned by Abhiruchi Chand, the original version of ‘Tabaahi’ gained immense love from music lovers.

‘Tabaahi’ (Stripped Down Version) is now available on T-Series.



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