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Canada’s most ‘magical location’ is right here in Ontario

Canada boasts diverse natural wonders shaped by its varying climate. The ‘magical scenery’ attracts millions of tourists both from within the country as well as outside each year. BonusFinder Canada sought to find out which of the country’s locations are the most magical. They then created a ranking of ‘The most magical places in Canada’ by scraping Tripadvisor for keywords linked with ‘magic’ and collating Instagram hashtags and average reviews for each wonder.

The study determined that the most ‘magical’ location in Canada is right here in Ontario. Situated on the Niagara river, it is known for its mesmerizing display of roaring sound which can be heard from a distance, creating a hypnotic auditory experience. Whilst the list for the seven natural wonders of the world varies, Niagara Falls (9.6/10) is the one constant. With water continuously plummeting from a height of up to 57 meters into a chasm to create awe-inspiring visuals. The natural wonder has 317,000 Instagram hashtags as well as 1,161 mentions of words associated with ‘magical’.

In second place is Alberta’s stunning glacial Lake Louise (9.4/10) with its dazzling turquoise blue waters set against a backdrop of snow-capped mountains which evokes deep emotions and a sense of wonder to those who visit. Its sparkling jewel-like appearance was said to originate from the urban legend, told by a waiter who worked at the château, that the lake was drained and painted every spring. Surrounded by hiking trails, the Lake offers a range of activities and reviews are dominated with 323 mentions of words associated with ‘magic’ alongside an astonishing 1,100,000 Instagram hashtags.

Moraine Lake (8.8/10), known for its unbelievably turquoise-blue waters, comes in third place. The vibrant color is due to glacial rock flour suspended in the water, creating a surreal and almost magical appearance. The area around Moraine Lake offers a diverse range of landscapes, including forests, alpine meadows, and rocky slopes. This variety adds to the sense of magic as visitors can explore different natural environments in one place.

The list of the top 10 magic spots determined in the BonusFinder study is below.


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