Monday, May 20, 2024

Emergency door of Brazilian passenger plane bursts open mid-flight

The emergency door of a Brazilian passenger burst open during mid-flight thousands of feet in the air, causing panic on board, the media reported.

The incident took place on Monday 30 minutes after the plane took off from Sao Luis to Salvador, the Daily Mail reported on Friday.

A footage of the incident on social media showed that instruments and luggage were placed near the back of the plane and by the hatch which unexpectedly opened.

It shows the aircraft moving through the clouds as the air rushes in and objects flap around the passengers.

The passenger filming then leans over to get a better view of the emergency door and the incredibly steep drop to the green fields below can be seen through the clouds.

Members of the band for popular South American singer Tierry were on board the small passenger aircraft, the Daily Mail quoted local media website O Informante as saying.

Investigators have launched a probe into the incident.

The incident comes after a group of six people, including a child and a newborn baby, survived a sudden loss of power on a plane in Brazil earlier this year.

An emergency parachute was deployed and they were able to land safely.



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