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Guru Randhawa opens up on his acting debut

New Delhi, Feb 14 (IANS) Popular singer Guru Randhawa, who has belted out numbers such as ‘Lahore’, ‘Ishare Tere and ‘Suit’, has now ventured into acting, and has stated he is happy to be “starting from zero”.

Randhawa is making his acting debut with the rom-com ‘Kuch Khattaa Ho Jaay’, alongside Saiee M. Manjrekar.

The hitmaker made his singing debut in 2012 with ‘Same Girl’ in collaboration with the British-Sri Lankan singer and actor Arjun. He is also well-known for another international collaboration for the track ‘Slowly Slowly’ featuring the American rapper Pitbull.

Talking about his new career choice, Guru told IANS: “I am starting from zero here. I am a newcomer. When we see Taylor Swift doing acting, we proudly see her and support her. When we watch Selena Gomez, Jennfir Lopez in India, we say ‘oh wow, what a talent they have’. We say ‘she is an actor, singer and performer’.”

Continuing with this thought, Randhawa said: “I want people in India to come out of this thought process. There is a sort of set rule. If someone has done something, then he or she should keep doing that thing only. I am a talented and hard-working guy, why not. Otherwise, people should also write on Taylor Swift’s account, ‘Why did you do a movie?’.”

The ‘High Rated Gabru’ wants people to support him and to not keep questioning his new career choice. “It’s very much related. I am going in another mould, but I will remain an artiste only,” he said.

Randhawa went on to add exuberantly: “I never had fear of anything since day one. Na kisi gaane ka, na kisi chiz ka. … I just want my mind to be like this forever. I love my mind. I just want my mind to remain in control the way it is right now.”

The film, starring Randhawa and Saiee, promises to be a heartwarming family entertainer with a touch of drama. The movie is set in Agra and revolves around two lovers and their crazy families.

‘Kuch Khattaa Ho Jaay’ also features Anupam Kher, Ila Arun and the Telugu comedy star, Brahmanandan. Produced by Mach Films and Amit Bhatia, the film will hit theatres on February 16.


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