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JLo says past relationship with Ben Affleck ‘crumbled under pressure’

Los Angeles, Feb 14 (IANS) Singer-actress Jennifer Lopez can’t get enough of her husband, Ben Affleck. She spoke about her love journey with Ben, and dished about her new project, studio album, ‘This Is Me… Now’.

J.Lo’s new project showcases her and Ben’s love journey. The two were engaged in 2003 and called off their relationship in 2004, reports

Ben later married Jennifer Garner and Jennifer married Marc Anthony, who they both had children with and later divorced.

As per, Ben and Jennifer rekindled their relationship in 2021 and married in 2022.

In her interview with Variety, Jennifer opened up about rediscovering her and Ben after trying to figure it out. She said, “You have trauma from your past. You have these patterns you haven’t figured out yet. And you get into these relationships where you compromise yourself in ways that you never thought you would. Or you allow people to treat you in ways that you never thought you would….And that certainly has happened to me.”

Jennifer said that her relationship with Ben was crumbling “under the weight of the pressure.” They both lost themselves and needed to go their separate ways since they did not know how to get through. She said: “I had to figure myself out, and he had to figure himself out.”


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