Monday, May 20, 2024

Lebanon fails to elect new president for 12th time

The Lebanese parliament has failed to elect a new President for the republic during its 12th session, plunging the country into further political uncertainty.

In the presidential race, Sleiman Frangieh, leader of the Marada Movement who was supported by the two Shia parties Hezbollah and Amal Movement, trailed behind his main rival Jihad Azour, a former Finance Minister who was backed by the country’s two biggest Christian parties, the Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese forces.

Frangieh received 51 votes while Azour gained 59 votes. Neither of them obtained a two-thirds majority or a total of 86 votes during the first voting, while the second round was not held due to a lack of quorum, Xinhua news agency reported.

Lebanon failed to elect a President since October 2022 when the term of former President Michel Aoun ended.

Lebanon has been suffering from an unprecedented financial crisis. The country is in urgent need to elect a President and form a new cabinet to implement the necessary reforms and put the country on the path of recovery.



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