Friday, June 14, 2024

BJP leaders take oath at Jayprakash Narayan’s house to foil efforts of Oppn parties

While the meeting of like-minded parties was underway in the Chief Minister’s residence in Patna on Friday, the leader of opposition in the Bihar Assembly along with a dozen BJP leaders were at the residence of socialist icon Jayprakash Narayan where they took an oath.

“We are taking an oath at the residence of Jay Prakash Narayan Ji on his ideology and dream to make a caste free society, corruption free country. Our oath is to prevent those leaders who on the name of unity want to play caste and religion politics. We will not allow this to take place on and from the soil of Bihar. These people want to destroy the country,” Vijay Kumar Sinha said.

“The opposition leaders who came to Patna are opportunists. They are involved in many corruption cases and are joining hands to save themselves. They will not succeed in their efforts. The opposition unity meeting has no meaning,” Sinha said.

Meanwhile, BJP national Chief J.P. Nadda, while reacting to the opposition meeting said the leaders of opposition are showing desperation to defeat the BJP. “The leaders who once fought the tooth and nail against the Congress party are now welcoming them at their doorsteps in an attempt to gain power,” said Nadda.



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