Monday, June 17, 2024

Elton John has created a new show for Glastonbury festival

Sir Elton John is preparing to perform at the world famous festival at Worthy Farm, and has warned fans to expect the unexpected.

He has created an entirely new show for his Glastonbury performance, reports ‘Female First UK’.

He told BBC Radio 1, “I’m starting with a song I haven’t played for about ten years, so we’ll see how it goes. I’ve got the setlist down, I’ve got rehearsal dates booked for the guest artists, so we just have to hope the weather will still be nice”.

Glastonbury marks the end of Elton’s touring commitments in the UK, and the chart-topping icon believes it’s the “perfect ending” for him.

Elton shared, quoted by ‘Female First UK’, “It’s a different show to what people have been seeing. On Farewell Yellow Brick Road, there’s quite a lot of deep cuts, it’s not all hits, and you’ve got to keep people interested.”

The singer’s upcoming appearance will mark his first-ever visit to Glastonbury, and Elton can’t wait to perform at the festival.

He said: “I’ve watched Glastonbury on the TV, and the thing that I love about Glastonbury is not the headliners, per se, it’s the people on the smaller stages that give the chance to shine. So if I was at Glastonbury, I would probably be in one of the smaller tents, looking at one of the newer acts playing, because that’s what I want to see.”

Elton is actually looking forward to watching some other artistes perform at Glastonbury.



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