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Indian among 4 killed as truck rams into pick-up in Sharjah

An Indian and three Pakistanis died on the spot after a pick-up in which they were travelling flipped several times over after being hit by a heavy truck in Sharjah, a media report said.

The accident occured at around 5.45 a.m. on Wednesday morning on the Sharjah-Al Dhaid Road between the Al Dhaid Bridge and Al Zubair district, The Khaleej Times reported.

The accident occurred when the pick-up’s driver entered the Sharjah-Dhaid Road from an entry point without checking the extreme right lane of the highway, said Colonel Abdullah Al Dukhan, Deputy Director-General of Sharjah Police.

He added that the speeding truck driver also did not expect a vehicle to enter the lane suddenly.

The truck loaded with sand rammed the pick-up, causing the latter to flip over several times.

Due to the crash, the engine cabin of the truck separated from its body and fell on the pick-up, which was the reason behind the instant death of the four passengers, Colonel Al Dukhan was cited as saying in The Khaleej Times.

The operations room received a call about the accident and immediately dispatched the ambulance units to the site.

While the driver of the heavy truck is safe, the bodies of the four passengers have been shifted to Al Kuwaiti Hospital morgue.

The Al Dhaid Road, which sees fatal accidents frequently, has been opened for traffic without much delay.

Recently, six Asian expatriates died and 15 others were injured when a heavy truck collided with a bus transporting workers on the same road.



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