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Karnataka textbook revision row escalates, Education Minister says process already begun

Amid the warning of the BJP that it won’t sit quiet over revision of the academic syllabus in the state, Karnataka’s Congress government on Thursday said that it has already taken up the process of revision of textbooks.

Education Minister Madhu Bangarappa told the Assembly that during the ongoing academic year, the “unscientific” and “anti-constitutional” content would be revised.

“The previous BJP government has added objectionable content in the syllabus. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah himself is concerned about revision of those aspects,” he said.

“Many rounds of talks have taken place with academic experts. Authors and litterateurs have also given their opinions. The experts who are giving advice that the syllabus taught to children should be scientific and have social orientation are not connected to any political parties.

“The suggestion is given with a concern that the young minds should not be fed with the wrong knowledge. The experts will also give their recommendations on which aspects of the syllabus should be continued and which of them should be dropped. Based on that the government has sent a circular to the schools,” Bangarappa said.

“Since the textbooks have already been published and reached schools, it is not possible to publish revised syllabus. Presently, the students are not taught the syllabus yet. The government will release the guidelines at an appropriate time in this regard. A decision would be taken in this regard in the next cabinet meeting,” he added.

“The action will be taken in the interest of the children. These are very sensitive matters. They have to be discussed in the cabinet. There is also a need for large scale discussions and it has to be done keeping the interest of the children in mind,” the minister noted.

The previous BJP government has revised the state syllabus and added lessons on RSS founder Keshav Baliram Hedgewar and included texts of right wing thinkers stirring a huge controversy. The BJP government has also dropped alleged glorification of erstwhile Mysuru ruler Tipu Sultan.



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