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Goa celebrates the feast of Sao Joao

Goa on Saturday celebrated the monsoon feast of Sao Joao, dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, which comes on June 24 every year, amidst heavy rainfall.

The feast of Catholic prophet Saint John the Baptist comes exactly six months before Christmas and has its roots in a Biblical tale.

The feast is locally known as ‘Zanvoyanchem Fest’, which means the feast of son in-law, wherein the newly-married son in-law is invited for lunch by his mother in-law.

Many tourists also join the celebration in coastal area, which is home to a large section of Goa’s Catholic population, where amid the din of drums and rhythmic, ear-splitting thump of the thick, fibrous coconut leaf stems slapped hard against the ground, the state celebrates the monsoon feast of Sao Joao.

During the celebration, Sao Joao revelers wearing wreaths of flowers and leaves locally called copels, dive in and out of wells and ponds across their respective villages, as a mark of celebration.

The state government had also organised the aSao Joao’ celebration program in Old Goa, wherein many people participated and danced to the tune of local music.

Revelers were seen singing the Konkani songs specially composed on this feast and jumping in wells and ponds. The state government tried to promote this festival by attracting tourists so they can explore the tradition of Goa.



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