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Mississauga’s fire chief receives top provincial award

Mississauga Fire Chief Deryn Rizzi was recently recognized with the Fire Chief of the Year Award from the Ontario Municipal Fire Prevention Officers Association (OMFPOA).

“On behalf of the City, we’re proud of Chief Rizzi and the entire MFES Fire Prevention and Risk Reduction team,” said Shari Lichterman, City Manager and Chief Administrative Officer. “Chief Rizzi and the entire MFES team, work tirelessly to promote fire safety and prevent tragic incidents. She continually demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of the community and a proactive approach to fire safety.”

The OMFPOA awards promote and recognize those in the community that have gone above and beyond in the area of fire prevention in the province. Chief Rizzi received this award at the OMFPOA Gala Awards Ceremony on June 7 in London, Ontario.

“I’m humbled to receive this award, however, it really belongs to the entire MFES Fire Prevention and Risk Reduction team,” said Chief Rizzi. “It acknowledges their exceptional commitment to fire and life safety, fire prevention, enforcement initiatives and public education. Their tireless efforts and dedication have made a significant impact on the community and it is really the team that deserves the utmost appreciation and recognition.”

Fire prevention and enforcement, and public education are key areas of focus for the MFES Fire Prevention and Risk Reduction team. Some of the initiatives currently underway include a rigorous inspection program that helps ensure buildings, both resident and commercial, comply with the Ontario Fire Code.

MFES also conducts inspections, enforces compliance and raises awareness in the community through programs, fire safety seminars and educational campaigns including outreach to schools, community organizations and businesses.


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